Kruger Park Guided Safaris


A visit to the Kruger National Park is a must during a trip to South Africa. This world famous National Park is roughly the size of Wales in the united Kingdom and offers fantastic game viewing opportunities.  The best time for observing wildlife in Kruger National Park is the dry winter season. During this safari season, the grass is low, the bushes and trees don't have leaves, and one can have an unobstructed view of the surrounding area.

Winter season in the Kruger Park is quite dry and rain is scarce. During this season, visitors will be able to spot the animals when they come to the waterholes in the mornings and evenings. Summer is the rainy season in Kruger Park and the rains fill the rivers and waterholes, and the bushveld looks lush. Game viewing is difficult in the summer season because the vegetation is dense, making it harder to locate and observe wildlife. Towards the end of November and early December, Kruger National Park is filled with newborns. Spotting wildlife with their young is a memorable Kruger Park safari experience.

Visit the Kruger National Park on a fully guided safari. Below you will find a selection of fantastic guided safaris however most of these trips can also be done if you are self driving to the park. Please feel free to browse the selection of package safaris and send in your enquiries for a free quotation.

3 Day Kruger Park Guided Safari


The 3 Day Kruger Park Guided Safari is designed for those who are budget conscious and wish to spend only 2 nights exploring what the Kruger National Park has to offer, in the company of a knowledgeable and experienced guide. This popular safari is the quickest and most affordable way to see South Africa's greatest game reserve... low on your budget, high on safari adventures!

4 Day Kruger Park Guided Safari


Africa, the sun sets over the wild bush whilst the power of a lion's roar breaks the surrounding tranquillity. The time of beautiful silence is upon us. A time where people lose themselves in their thoughts, and gather up emotions. A time so intimate you can taste it, feel it, smell it - AFRICA.  Whilst on safari with the 4 Day Guided Kruger Safari you will have the opportunity to experience not only the wild animals which these amazing destinations have to offer, but also the vast flora, bird and insect life which all combined, give our guests an overall glimpse into the beauty and amazing diversity of Southern Africa’s national parks.  Want more? Extend this safari with visits to Private Game Lodges. This is by far one of our most popular safaris for the Kruger National Park.

5 Day Kruger Park Guided Safari


Kruger National Park is a nature haven, filled with pretty birds, mighty animals and varied plant life. Activities include animal hides, where you stay hidden away while watching the animals interact. Alternatively there are a variety of walking safaris focusing on major historical and ecological factors of the area. Last but not least the main highlight are the morning and evening game drives, when you can track and view the bigger animal species of the Kruger Park. Enjoy all of the above on a fantastic 5 day guided safari

 6 Day Kruger Park Guided Safari


As one of Africa's top three safari destinations, the Kruger National Park offers visitors the iconic African safari - a dramatic production rich in lion prides, elephant herds and thousands of other animals, played out against shifting backdrops of savannah, forest, river and mountain. Enjoy all of these amazing natural wonders on the 6 day Kruger Park guided safari.

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